Our Vision
Working together to enable your company to create a people strategy that aligns with your business direction, which optimizes your company’s profitability and success.

   Our Core Values
1. Integrity –ensuring that the client is always getting the right information, and ensuring there is full transparency in all of our interactions
2. Collaboration – creating the highest level of collaboration between us and you, the client
3. Business advisors – we are business executives and work through business challenges, not just HR problems
4. Customer Focused – making sure that the client is the focal point of everything we do
5. Leadership – we don’t sell you a product we solve your business problems
6. Results Oriented – we get our hands dirty, we don’t just tell you how to do it like some consultants, we solve issues with you
7. Servant leadership – It’s not about us, our goal to is make your business more successful

HR Catalyst Consulting

Human Resources & Strategic Business Consulting

Enabling companies and their people for the next level of success.

Enabling companies and their people for the next level of success.Most small to mid-size companies focus on several top priorities such as: growing the top line, customer retention, gaining new customers, and executing on key deliverables.

Ironically, the most important asset
of the company, The Employees, are often overlooked. Many times the Leadership Team does not have time
to focus on the employees because other priorities require their time.

Problem-Solver, Key Advisor, and Business Partner for General Management
Creating A People Strategy To Maximize Your Profitability
Increased Employee Retention and Engagement

Companies between 50-500 employees can benefit greatly from having HR thought leadership on a fractional or project basis. Many companies in this size range approach business from the standpoint that they cannot afford a full time Human Resources Leader. Instead, they only take care of the “blocking and tackling” of HR: benefits administration, payroll, basic compliance, hiring new employees and perhaps firing poor performers. This is where HR Catalyst Consulting comes in, we offer strategic leadership focused on your employees at pricing that smaller companies can afford!

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HR Catalyst Consulting
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