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Companies between 25 – 500 employees can benefit greatly from having human resources (HR) thought leadership on a part-time (fractional) or project basis. Many companies this size do not have a full human resources staff and only take care of the basic day to day HR needs. This approach will not take your business to the next level of success.  This is where HR Catalyst Consulting comes in – we offer strategic HR leadership focused on creating and implementing HR solutions and a people strategy for your business at pricing that small and mid-size companies can afford!


Businesses that are growing or going through major changes need more than basic day to day HR. The largest single cost for every business are their people expenses. HR Catalyst brings HR leadership on a part time or project basis to companies that find their biggest business challenges are really people challenges. 


Be in Control of Your Company’s Culture

You Get a Culture No Matter What!

Your company develops a culture, whether you intend to or not. The culture will grow based on the inputs it receives. It may be intentionally focused and leadership driven or it might be employee driven and confused.  If business owners and leadership are not actively nurturing and positioning the company toward the culture they want they may get a culture they don’t want.  

Your company’s culture is like your waistline or credit card spending. When you don’t pay attention, it can go in the wrong direction. There is plenty of research showing that a company with a well-defined and leadership lead culture, will financially out perform their competitors who don’t have a strong culture.

The work that HR Catalyst does with business owners & CEO’s is focused on helping them build, implement and communicate the right culture.  If the right culture is already in place, we work with them to design and drive people strategies and processes that nurture and align with the culture.  In either scenario, culture is very important and we are there to either help define your culture or reinforce your culture with the work we do on the people side of the business.

HR Catalyst works with business owners & CEO’s to help them build, implement and communicate the right culture to their employees.  We do this by using time tested methods from our many years of experience that will bring results for your company.

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Shouldn’t the way you approach your HR solutions and people strategy align with your business and its strategy? No two businesses are the same, therefore, our services are customized to fit the needs, challenges or changes your company is going through. Explore what HR Catalyst can do for your business!

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