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SMBs often lack the right HR processes and tools in place needed to scale. Our Small Business HR Starter Kit outlines the processes you need to save time and help prevent costly personnel mistakes. With over 25 basic HR forms in our Starter Kit give your company the kickstart to be more efficient and effective. Alternatively, schedule a complimentary call with us. Our experts will evaluate your situation and discuss the best practices to take your company forward.

Human Resources Blog

HR The HR Catalyst Blog provides up to date HR Content on a variety of subject matters that are current issues most SMB’s are struggling with. The Blog provides practical information you can apply within your organization immediately.

HR Problem Solvers Podcast

HR Problem Solvers is a podcast for business owners, CEO’s, or any other professionals given the task of solving their company’s HR issues. HR Catalyst provides proven HR solutions and people strategies to drive business success.

Meet Mark Mitford; the Human Resources Speaker Who Shares Strategies that Transform Businesses

Mark is an in-demand keynote human resources speaker. He knows what business owners, managers, and CEOs need to hear in this fiercely competitive business environment. Mark has proven perspectives on creating a focused work environment and employee engagement.

“The presentation was very professional, informative and concise. I left their presentation knowing that they can help our company and many others not only sabe money on HR, but also build a positive culture within your own company at the same time. I highly recommend HR Catalyst Consulting, they are on a mission to help you succeed”.

Nigel Branson

President and Co-Founder, FirstFitness Nutrition

Reasons to Have Mark for Your Next Company Event

Mark is a seasoned human resource executive with over 25 years in top leadership roles,
working with Fortune 500 companies like: Ericsson, PepsiCo, Texas Instruments, and Nortel; plus several mid-sized organizations. Through first-hand experience and acquired knowledge of HR issues, Mark has gained valuable business acumen that he shares with his audience. He’s ready to speak in real-world, actionable language, revealing proven strategies at all levels of business operations. Consider booking Mark if you need expert HR guidance on how best to invest company time through viable strategies. These shared approaches guarantee to build your workplace culture, develop your leaders, and drive a healthier top and bottom line financially.

“Mark is a dynamic speaker and his knowledge of human resource issues in the SMB space really comes across. During his presentations, audiences have multiple “ah-ha” moments and they come to realize that in many cases, HR is one of the most neglected departments in every small to mid-sized company. Mark is engaging and gives real life examples that bring those issues to light. I recommend Mark for any speaking engagement where there are business owners or HR professionals who want to peel back the curtain and understand how to improve.”

Tom Bronson

The Boss and Founder, Mastery Partners

Mark’s Talks Transform Companies and Cultures

Mark is a leader who shares proven human resource strategies from his 25+ years’ hands-on occupational and educational experiences. Here are examples of topics Mark can cover in your talk:


  • Effective talent management
  • Leadership development and employee retention
  • Change management
  • Performance management
  • Organizational transformation and design
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Employee engagement
  • Compensation philosophy (the ‘why’ behind employee pay)

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