Today we are talking about what it looks like to have a healthy leadership strategy in your organization. Leading through influence – not authority which creates a healthy culture for growing leaders. We discuss various components of having an intentional strategy as being a differentiator for your business and the core characteristics of a healthy leader.

Our guest is Justin Winstead, CEO and Leadership & Improvement Coach. Justin grew up in a rural area with meager means and could have easily given up on his goals. Instead, he chose to use his circumstances as motivation to create a better life for himself. He pursued an education, attended seminary, and started his own successful business. Justin’s story is an inspiration to anyone who has faced adversity in their lives, showing that with a clear purpose and a productive mindset, anything is possible. Today, Justin is a leader in his field, having sold his successful insurance company to pursue his passion for coaching and consulting full-time. Through the Improver Group, Justin is helping other faith-driven business owners and leaders to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. His insight-focused coaching, consulting, and training has helped countless individuals and companies to be better versions of who they were meant to be.

Your HR Problem Solver host is Mark Mitford, a strategic HR leader who is business and HR focused. Mark is a management team advisor with 20+ years working as an HR executive in mid-size to Fortune 50 companies. He brings in depth, hands on experience successfully leading and advising company and business leaders through all life cycle stages. Mark is viewed as a key advisor to C-Level Executives and has strengths in Improving Company Culture, Performance Management, Compensation Benchmarking, Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Coaching, Succession Planning and Mergers and Acquisitions.

During his career, Mark has successfully held HR executive positions in companies such as PepsiCo, Ericsson, Nortel, Telmar, Texas Instruments and Safeco. Mark has also worked for private equity backed organizations, S Corporations, and publicly traded firms and has lived and worked extensively overseas. He has led several Enterprise wide transformations including Cultural Change and IT transformational change at Fortune 500 companies. He holds two Masters’ degrees, one in Organizational Psychology, and an MBA in Strategy and International Management.
In 2013, Mark transitioned from a Corporate HR career to start his own HR Strategic consulting company, HR Catalyst Consulting with the goal of helping small to mid-market companies in growth or change and in need of Human Capital leadership to drive their continued growth and success.