HR Starter Essentials Kit


If your company is experiencing HR issues that are keeping it from moving to the next level of success and growth, then schedule a call with us so we can guide you through it. We will be glad to evaluate your situation and discuss best options. The call is complimentary.


Forms included in HR Starter Essentials Kit:

  • Job Posting Sample
  • Job Description Sample
  • Job Application
  • Application for Employment
  •  Hiring Policy Process/Procedures
  • Phone Screen Template
  •  Phone Interview Question Guide
  • In Person Interview Question Guide
  •  Background Check Authorization Form
  •  Reference Check Template
  • Exempt/Salaried Offer Letter
  •  Non-Exempt/Hourly Offer Letter
  •  Employee Evaluation Form
  •  Employee File Guidelines
  •  I-9 Government issued form
  • Employee Onboarding Checklist