It’s easy to get busy and overlook taking care of our own health. The same is true in business. Many times one problem leads to another if not kept in check. Here is a quick assessment to help you see the condition of your company’s people strategy/HR effectiveness.

  1. Does your company have Vision, Mission and Core Values statements that have been clearly communicated and understood by all employees?
  2. Do you struggle with high employee turnover, but don’t know how to slow it down?
  3. Are all positions clearly defined with job descriptions reflecting accurate job responsibilities?
  4. Is holding regularly scheduled performance reviews to evaluate and share feedback with employees part of your process?
  5. Have you determined who your top and lowest performing employees are within your organization?
  6. Are you grooming and developing your top performers to grow and retain them?
  7. Do you actively work with low performing employees to improve performance or possibly terminate them if necessary?
  8. Are you focused on creating a strong company culture that leads to increased employee engagement and ability to attract new hires?
  9. Does leadership have a well defined compensation strategy, including merit increases, bonuses, and employee rewards?
  10. Are you providing formal leadership/management training within your organization?
  11. Do you have a process specific on-boarding program that sees new hires through the first 30-90 days of employment?
  12. Have your managers received training on following legal guidelines for interviewing new hires?
  13. Do you have your employee Handbook reviewed/updated every 2 years by an HR professional or labor attorney to stay current and avoid compliance issues?

If you see areas of concern – we are here to help!