Grade the Current Condition of Your
Company’s HR Performance

By considering the following questions you can quickly see if your company has the right HR processes in place to position it for future growth and success.

Does your company have a Vision, Mission and Core Values? Are they clearly communicated and understood by all employees?
Does your company have a healthy company culture?
Would you rate employee engagement as good at your company?
Does your company have an employee onboarding process for new hires?
Do you have leadership training within your organization?
Do you have a performance review/evaluation process that is working well?
Do you know who your high and low performing employees are in your organization?
Are you focused on your low performing employees to improve their performance or possibly terminate them if necessary?
Does leadership have a well thought out compensation strategy including merit increases, bonuses, and other types of employee rewards?
Do you have measures in place to control employee turnover and keep it low?
Do you have a succession planning process in place to identify and development the future leaders within your company, especially if your top leaders are close to retiring?
Do you have job descriptions for all positions within the company that reflect job duties accurately?
Has your employee handbook been reviewed and/updated in the last 2 years by an HR professional or labor attorney?
Score 0 out of 11

If you answered no to two or more questions above, it would be beneficial for you to schedule a call for a complimentary consultation to discuss possible HR solutions for your company. 

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