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HR Catalyst Consulting understands that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we customize our HR consulting services to meet the specific needs and challenges of your company and its workplace culture.

Our Human Resources Consulting Services and Expertise

We provide HR services for small businesses and organizations typically employing 10-250 people. We drive your company’s success through our highly-qualified HR consultants. Our seasoned leaders possess over 25 years of hands-on HR experience working in Fortune 500’s, and middle-market US companies.

Our human resources consulting services include nine specialty areas:

Company Culture Consulting

A company culture consulting firm is an asset for every business, regardless of its size and industry. Every organization has a culture, whether it’s deliberate or not. The intentionally focused, leadership-driven workplace cultures are more engaging and productive than disorderly employee-driven environments. According to research, companies with well-defined positive
workplace cultures financially outperform those without.

A business that doesn’t actively position itself toward an intended culture may have one they don’t want or need. A thriving culture also improves company image, enjoys higher employee retention, and creates a more engaged, productive work environment.

I am the HR manager of BT Furnishings, a Dallas/Fort Worth based furniture and home decor store with four locations. Our company has grown significantly over the years, and I worked with HR Catalyst when we needed guidance on designing a strategy and defining the human resources department structure. HR Catalyst consultant, David Garza, demonstrated strong customer relations skills and was highly creative. David was able to help us brainstorm and design a structure that made sense for our company. I appreciate that David really took our company culture, ideas and suggestions into consideration when creating systems and brainstorming ideas. If you are looking for HR guidance from someone with valuable HR experience and who will value your suggestions and ideas as well, I recommend HR Catalyst.

Eliseo Campos

HR Manager, BT Furnishings

Strategic Planning

Well-run companies operate and review strategic HR plans that direct business toward better performance while contributing to long-term success. Companies with no strategic human resource management risk stagnating sales and low retention rates. HR Catalyst partners with businesses to create an effective, future-proof long-term strategic human resource planning model. Our proven HR resource planning processes set companies up for future growth and continual success.

Mark Mitford of HR Catalyst was recommended to me by several CEO’s in my Vistage group who spoke very highly of him. I was able to replace a fulltime HR Director with Mark’s immediate capacity to assess our organization’s needs and identify a prioritized plan to address our needs. He immediately made our staff feel comfortable during a time of transition and was instrumental in helping us identify new Core Values, as well as conducting Leadership Training with our team. I cannot recommend him highly enough!


Vicki Niedermayer

Chief Executive Officer, Helping Restore Ability

Compensation Benchmarking & Analysis

Our compensation benchmarking services ensure you offer competitive pay to employees. Not having an effective compensation benchmarking process leads to low retention rates across all companies. It also negatively influences workplace engagement, ultimately affecting company culture. HR Catalyst equips you with the correct information to make informed decisions regarding your compensation strategy.

Leadership Consulting & Coaching

Successful businesses are built on strong leadership. Being a leader is more than managing people. Leaders innovate, motivate, and inspire the people in their organization to achieve great things. Leadership consulting and coaching can help develop and strengthen your company’s leadership, top to bottom.

Ram Products has partnered with Mark Mitford and his HR Catalyst team for several years. We have come to rely on their knowledge, experience, and professionalism.  They are always prompt in their responses and have offered us solutions, advice, and assistance in all areas from H.R. law and compliance to policy development and recruiting…going above and beyond to make sure our needs are met.

 We value their commitment and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years.

Martha Wilks

VP of Human Resources, Ram Products, Ltd.

Performance Management Consulting Services

Performance Management Consultants provide critical assistance to help you plan, coach, review, and reward employees. Our performance management training can help your management improve their ability to observe, evaluate, motivate, and coach employees to improved output. An effective performance management process ensures people and organizations are on the same page, striving toward the same company goals.

Employee Engagement Consulting

According to a Gallup poll, only 34% of workers in US companies are engaged; the rest are either disengaged or actively disengaged. Actively disengaged employees care little about their work or the company’s performance. An engaged workforce is fundamental for the success of any organization, regardless of size or industry. Our employee engagement consulting services are focused on creating a positive workplace experience. As a result, they create engaged employees that are more committed to business goals and values and genuinely motivated to contribute to success.

We consulted HR Catalyst regarding the new COVID-19 regulations and appreciated getting timely external HR perspectives from highly experienced advisors. This was instrumental in aiding our leadership to better understand the implications of the new regulations, and clarified legal and operational obligations in taking care of our employees, customers, and business. They provided additional context and several valuable external resources as the pandemic unfolded. We expect to tap their expertise further as the year progresses.

Mark Richards

President, Woodlake Outdoor, Inc.

Talent Management Strategy

Hiring great talent is fantastic, but long term success requires a plan to develop your best workers and retain them for years to come. A talent management strategy is an integrated means of identifying, developing and retaining top talent within your organization which is required for long term growth and success. Our talent consulting services offer a full scope HR process that helps attract, promote, engage, and hold on to high-performing employees. Successful talent management facilitates opportunities for top employees to grow within the organization. Additionally, worker engagement and job satisfaction mean higher retention rates which will differentiate your company in the marketplace and competition to hire the best employees.

My organization, Women’s Foodservice Forum recently engaged Mark Mitford of HR Catalyst. His broad background in HR was very helpful in us making decisions around how to compensate top talent in our organization.

Timothy Johnson

VP Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness, Women’s Food Service Forum

Small Business HR Starter Kit

Does your business struggle to employ, manage, and retain quality workers? It’s a problem for many small organizations that lack basic HR forms and processes. Our Small Business HR starter kit is a highly effective checklist with over 25 HR forms and templates. Having the basic HR building blocks in place helps get a company off on the right track. With the right human resource processes in place, you save valuable time and avoid making costly mistakes.

Human Resource Speaker

Does your business group or association need a Human Resource expert in company culture, employee engagement, and workplace performance? Mark Mitford is a seasoned human resources keynote speaker with 25+ years of hands-on experience as a successful HR leader. Book Mark Mitford as a guest HR speaker at your next event. Discover new ways to develop and retain the leadership within your organization and much more.

“The presentation was very professional, informative and concise. I left their presentation knowing that they can help our company and many others not only sabe money on HR, but also build a positive culture within your own company at the same time. I highly recommend HR Catalyst Consulting, they are on a mission to help you succeed”.

Nigel Branson

President and Co-Founder, FirstFitness Nutrition

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