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Company culture encompasses various elements, including work environment, company mission, leadership style, values, ethics, expectations, and goals. Research shows companies with well-defined cultures and core values financially outperform those who don’t have a distinct organizational culture. The true differentiator a company has is its culture.

 Every company has a culture, whether they intend to or not. If leaders are not actively positioning the company toward the culture they want – they may develop a culture they don’t want. It may be intentionally focused and leadership – driven or confused and employee – driven. 

Warning Signs of Poor Company Culture

Companies with poor work cultures struggle to keep up with changing markets and competition. The warning signs of a weak or failing culture are evident to those who look. Common examples include undefined or unfollowed core values, high staff turnover, gossip, and hostile competition between employees. Poor company cultures lack direction and leadership, which hinders productivity and growth. Such environments cause neglectful attitudes, procrastination, low morale, absenteeism, and shortcuts. But, it doesn’t have to be like that.

I am the HR manager of BT Furnishings, a Dallas/Fort Worth based furniture and home decor store with four locations. Our company has grown significantly over the years, and I worked with HR Catalyst when we needed guidance on designing a strategy and defining the human resources department structure. HR Catalyst consultant, David Garza, demonstrated strong customer relations skills and was highly creative. David was able to help us brainstorm and design a structure that made sense for our company. I appreciate that David really took our company culture, ideas and suggestions into consideration when creating systems and brainstorming ideas. If you are looking for HR guidance from someone with valuable HR experience and who will value your suggestions and ideas as well, I recommend HR Catalyst.

Eliseo Campos

HR Manager, BT Furnishings

Challenges to Transforming Corporate DNA

Culture transformation is a large-scale undertaking that many companies fail at. That’s because changing the DNA of an already established business is one of the most difficult challenges for company leadership.

HR Catalyst is a company culture consulting firm that helps businesses create and shape company culture to align with your core values and empowers your employees for success.

Why Is Company Culture Important?

Successful company cultures have consensus at the top regarding cultural priorities and emphasize values focused on the organization’s goals. They go out of their way to communicate their cultural identities to employees and prospective new hires. Conversely, an ineffective culture can bring down the organization and its leadership.

The Benefits of a Well-Defined Company Culture

Some examples of how the wrong culture can negatively impact the bottom line are disengaged employees, high turnover, poor customer relations, and lower profits. A strong culture is a common denominator among the most successful companies.

The benefits of strong, healthy business cultures are many, including:

At the people level:

  • Stronger leadership
  • Higher employee retention & morale
  • Ability to attract top talent
  • Improved employee engagement
  • More effective on-boarding
  • Better teamwork & customer service
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improvements in employee loyalty

At the Company Level:

  • Improved financial performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Less misunderstandings and confusion
  • Operational consistency
  • Stronger brand identity

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