3 Types of Employees


High Performer
Understands Role


Minimal Effort
Lacks Passion
Checked Out
Little Motivation
Increased Absence

Actively Disengaged

Bad Attitude
Wastes Time
Undermines Coworkers
Often Late or Absent

Research shows that 34% of employees are engaged, 54% are disengaged and 13% are actively disengaged.

Why is Employee Engagement important?

Research shows that employee engagement is strongly connected to an organization’s financial success driving productivity, profitability and customer engagement. Companies with a highly engaged workforce are more financially successful, able to attract better employees, increase productivity/work quality, and retain top talent.

Our Approach to Employee Engagement

We work with company leaders to fully customize , design and roll out your employee engagement survey.

Partnering with your leadership team, we analyze the survey results and build action plans for improvement in key areas.

We work with leadership on strategies for implementation of the engagement plan to improve culture and employee engagement.

Ready to increase your Employee Engagement?

We're Here To Help

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