Employee Engagement

Having an engaged workforce is critical for the success of every organization, regardless of company size and industry.  

Engaged Employees enjoy their jobs, are innovative, committed, high performers and want to contribute to the success of the company. In today’s workforce, only 34% of employees are engaged at work (yes, you read that correctly 1/3 of your staff).

Disengaged Employees put forth minimal effort, lack motivation and are checked out to some degree. They may still get the job done, but they have very little passion for their work. They comprise 53% of the workforce. They are working for a paycheck, nothing more or less.

Actively Disengaged Employees have bad attitudes, waste time, can be disruptive, and undermine other workers. They make up a 13% of your workforce. These employees are typically your lowest performers and tend to make a lot of mistakes and cause others to take on a bad attitude!

Why is Employee Engagement so important?

Research shows that employee engagement is strongly connected to an organization’s financial success driving productivity, profitability and customer engagement.  HR Catalyst will help you design and roll out your own employee engagement survey, consolidate the results, and then create a process to communicate the results and build action plans on areas of the survey where you have room to get better.

Companies with a highly engaged workforce are financially more successful, they are able to hire better employees, and also retain key employees for a longer time.

    The Benefits of a Well-Planned Employee Engagement Program:

    • Increased Productivity and Profitability
    • Higher Employee Retention and Lower Employee Turnover
    • Engaged Employees are Innovative
    • Better Customer Service & Higher Customer Satisfaction
    • More Highly Motivated Workers
    • Less Absenteeism

    Our Approach to Employee Engagement:

    We work with company leaders to fully customize your employee engagement survey. The approach to do the employee survey will vary tremendously depending on the size of your employee population, their location(s) and how technology savvy your company and employees are.

    Once the engagement survey is completed then the real work begins. We work with your leadership team to analyze the survey results and create employee led teams to create solutions in key areas where improvement is needed. Given the major challenges in employee engagement today, having a well thought out engagement strategy is a key part of any organization’s arsenal when it comes to improving your culture, employee engagement and overall financial performance.

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