Employee engagement Consulting

How dedicated and enthusiastic are your workers? Having an engaged workforce is central to the success of every organization, regardless of company size and industry. Investing in employee engagement is one way SMBs are improving performance of employees throughout their business.

The Three Types of Employees


High Performer
Understands Role


Minimal Effort
Lacks Passion
Checked Out
Little Motivation
Increased Absence

Actively Disengaged

Bad Attitude
Wastes Time
Undermines Coworkers
Often Late or Absent

The State of Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Research shows that only 34% of employees are engaged, 54% are disengaged,
and 13% are actively disengaged at work.

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Research shows that employee engagement is strongly connected to an organization’s financial success driving productivity, profitability, and customer engagement. Companies with a highly-engaged workforce are more financially successful, attract better employees, increase productivity/work quality, and retain top talent.

Employee Engagement Statistics

These stats show how the engagement of employees is a difference-maker for SMBs when attracting, developing, recruiting, and retaining top talent.


  • A Gallup report reviewed the ‘State of the American Workplace’. It found that businesses with engaged employees had 41% less absenteeism and reported at least a 17% increase in worker productivity [1].
  • SMB owners are starting to appreciate the value of engagement. A study of failing U.S. businesses discovered that almost 83% of employers consider sourcing and retaining employees their top priority [2].
  • A Leadership Guide to Empathy revealed that 94% of employees working for SMBs said they would stay longer with companies that invested in career development. Moreover, 82% of workers would consider leaving their jobs for a more empathetic enterprise.
  • The same report found that 78% of employees are happy to work longer hours for a more empathetic SMB owner. In addition, 85% of employees stated that empathy results from leadership strategies that improve diversity and inclusion [3].
  • The author of Keeping the People suggests 89% of bosses still believe employees quit for jobs that offer more money. But, in reality, they leave to join companies that provide better cultural experiences. Almost nine out of ten (86%) employees under 40 would consider a pay cut to stay working for a company with a great organizational culture [4].

HR Catalyst’s Approach to Employee Engagement

We work with your company leaders to fully customize, design, and roll out an employee engagement survey.

Partnering with your leadership team, we analyze the survey results and build action plans to improve key areas.

We work with leadership on strategies for implementation of the engagement plan to improve culture and employee engagement.

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