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Successful companies all have something in common, strong leadership. But not all managers are leaders. A good leader innovates, motivates, manages, and inspires. As a result, companies with strong leaders consistently outperform their peers.

The Leadership Challenge for SMBs

The challenge for most small and middle-market companies is they don’t have the time or financial resources to create and run an internal leadership program. That’s where HR Catalyst’s leadership development coaching services can help. We customize leadership training and coaching to fit your precise needs at prices you can afford.

Why Leadership Development Matters

Often companies view leadership as a skill that is learned through experience. Less than 50% of employees in management have any formal leadership development training. Often they are not equipped with effective leadership strategies and the skills needed to be effective in their role. A successful business is one that trains its leader to lead just as it would provide an entry-level employee with the skills to perform the duties of their position. Our leadership program and coaching help your leaders embody and promote your company’s core values, culture, and mission.

Too many companies have managers who unintentionally create liability risks through ignorance and fail to embody the culture and core values they should be championing. Let us help develop your managers into leaders.

Development Makes Good Business Leaders Great

Few people have a natural gift for leadership. For most, it’s an acquired skill learned through support, education, experience, and commitment. Practical leadership coaching provides real-world insight and hands-on training. It shows you how to become a successful leader aligned with your industry, culture, and core values.

Leadership development training and coaching has many benefits, though the most significant takeaways are empowerment, enhanced performance, and confident decision making. In addition, coaching gives you a fresh perspective and increased work-life satisfaction. Leadership experience is valuable, but it is limited only to your first-hand leadership experiences. It does not prepare you for leadership challenges you have yet to face.

Our leadership development and coaching services do more than help increase the skills and confidence you need to succeed. We become your co-pilot, supporting you through the challenges and goals specific to your role. Learn how to recognize and deal with workplace issues before they have time to disrupt operations.

Mark Mitford of HR Catalyst was recommended to me by several CEO’s in my Vistage group who spoke very highly of him. I was able to replace a fulltime HR Director with Mark’s immediate capacity to assess our organization’s needs and identify a prioritized plan to address our needs. He immediately made our staff feel comfortable during a time of transition and was instrumental in helping us identify new Core Values, as well as conducting Leadership Training with our team. I cannot recommend him highly enough!



Vicki Niedermayer

Chief Executive Officer, Helping Restore Ability

Mark Mitford with HR Catalyst was not only instrumental in helping us setup our HR department, but also provided our leadership team with valuable change management insight. The weekly change management seminars were engaging, on point and beneficial to our leadership teams. Mark was not only professional, but he listened to our teams and provided valuable feedback.

Sue Hwang

Chief Operations Officer, Hollman, Inc.


HR Catalyst Approach to Leadership Development & Coaching

We create customized leadership training and coaching specific to your organization and culture. It’s why we build core training modules around the defined leadership competencies considered essential for outstanding leadership.
We also offer focused one-on-one coaching for leaders who are ready and want more personalized guidance to help them become next-level leaders.

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