Leadership Development & Coaching

All successful companies have strong leaders. Leaders and managers are two different things. Leaders help innovate, motivate, manage and inspire. Companies who have strong leaders outperform their peers financially most if not all the time.

Most Fortune 500 companies have dedicated budgets and dedicated resources to conduct comprehensive leadership training. The challenge for most smaller and middle market companies is they don’t have the time or financial resources to create and run an internal Leadership Program.

Why is Leadership Development & Coaching is so important?

Most mid-sized companies have never given their management team training on how to lead people! Besides huge legal liability issues, this creates a management team with no common framework on how to lead in a specific way and a goal in mind. Whereas leaders help drive the company culture, its vision and mission. Chances are, your company has managers who are creating liability risk and not emulating the culture and core values that they should be championing. Let us help turn your managers into leaders.

    The benefits of a Well-Planned Leadership Development & Coaching Program for your company:

    • Improves bottom line financial performance
    • Attracts and Retains Talent
    • Common leadership platform for all leaders
    • Drives Strategic Execution
    • Increases Success in Navigating Change
    • Improves Company Culture
    • Inspires Innovation and Improves Morale
    • Ensures future leaders/managers develop the right skills

    Our Approach to Leadership Development & Coaching

    HR Catalyst offers customized leadership training and coaching that is comprised of core training modules built around defined leadership competencies. We then create content that is specific for your organization and culture.

    We also offer focused one-on-one coaching for leaders who need individualized guidance that is beyond the group setting of our leadership development programs. The programs will start with a “manager’s bootcamp” on the legal side of management and then go into other specific modules focused on leadership competencies that are considered critical for every good leader to possess.

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