Mergers and Acquisitions

Why do over 80% of acquisitions fail according to Fortune Magazine? The consultants at HR Catalyst have overseen numerous acquisitions and can help you achieve success vs. failure!

Why is the Mergers & Acquisitions Process so important?

Many companies grow through a number of strategies including acquisitions. Most small and middle market companies have never gone through an acquisition. Our Sr. Principals have been through dozens of acquisitions and been an integral part of every phase on the acquisition process from due diligence, to close, to post acquisition integration.  Companies spend millions of dollars doing a single acquisition, don’t you want experts partnering with you on the people side of the acquisition?

    Benefits of a Well-planned process:

    • Supports the company’s due diligence for all HR areas
    • Cultural fit assessment between your organization and their organization
    • Create a detailed post-acquisition integration plan for HR
    • Detailed plan to migrate policies, benefits, vacation to one common solution
    • In some cases, support restructuring the leadership team
    • Create a detailed communication program for employees so they are well informed during the transition process
    • Increased level of engagement and retention of employees in both companies

      Our Approach to Mergers & Acquisitions

      All phases of the acquisition process are critical, the good news is we are HR experts in all the phases. We also handle the details involved in the acquisition process of integrating the two companies together; including reviewing and integrating policies, PTO policies, and employee communications. In addition, we also know added functional experts in many disciplines and can bring them into the process as needed to ensure a successful outcome.

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