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Our performance management process promotes critical feedback, accountability, and monitoring. We continue monitoring performance outcomes to ensure your company and employees are striving toward the same goals.

Are You Managing Performance to Drive Company Success?

  • Are regular feedback and accountability meetings part of your process?
  • Have you identified your top and bottom-performing employees?
  • Do you channel employee talents to meet organizational goals?

The Performance Management Process (PMP) is an umbrella process to managing the performance of your employees so they can achieve your company goals.

How Our Performance Management Consulting Process Works:

Our process reviews employee performance to provide feedback, accountability, and documentation to foster positive outcomes.

PMP develops your employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to drive better business results. It channels employees’ talents toward organizational goals.

Strong performance management rests on the simple principle that whatever gets measured gets done. Thus, better performance leads to better business success.

Why Performance Management is Important

A performance management process allows you to identify high and low performing employees so you can make informed HR recruiting and retaining decisions. A PMP can help you motivate and retain top talent for your organization and identifying your low-performing employees provides the opportunity to train them to become better performers or failing that, recruit their replacement.

HR Catalyst offers proven strategies for leadership to actively manage both employee populations.

Better Talent Retention

No SMB can fully avoid losing employees. Even so, there are ways to reduce the risk of losing top talent to your competitors. Effective talent retention strategies create a workplace culture where employees want to stay. Workplaces with high morale, worker appreciation, and attractive compensation packages help entice and keep the best talent.

An agile approach to performance management increases employee engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction. And that’s what ultimately leads to increased talent retention.

Define Top/Bottom Performers

Our performance management process will prepare you with the knowledge and evaluation criteria to identify your organization’s top and bottom performers. In addition, discover the root causes for above and below-average performance. HR Catalyst can assist by providing insight into incentivizing and retaining your company’s top talent.

We also assist clients with addressing bottom performers and techniques to help coach talent to improve performance. And as the need arise, help you prepare an exit strategy for bottom performers with the proper documentation to limit your liability exposure.

The HR Catalyst Approach to Performance Management

  • HR Catalyst works with you to create a customized performance evaluation process to fit your specific needs.
  • We implement the process and provide training to your leaders and employees. We provide employee communications, project calendars, and other support tools to make sure the entire rollout and operation goes smoothly.
  • We support the creation, implementation, and training of the process from start to finish. Once the process is fully integrated into your business, it will be yours to run and administer.

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