Developing a strategic human resource planning model guides your business towards better performance and long-term success.

Your Company Needs a Clear Plan to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Spend most days fighting fires
  • Never have time to focus on the long-term business strategy
  • Stagnant or declining sales
  • Struggle to retain your top clients

Having a strategic planning framework in place improves business performance at all levels

Strategic planning allows you to work smarter, not harder, and make it easier to attract and retain top talent. Moreover, a solid HR strategy fosters healthy workplace culture, resulting in fewer internal conflicts and improved employer public optics.

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Mark Mitford of HR Catalyst was recommended to me by several CEO’s in my Vistage group who spoke very highly of him. I was able to replace a fulltime HR Director with Mark’s immediate capacity to assess our organization’s needs and identify a prioritized plan to address our needs. He immediately made our staff feel comfortable during a time of transition and was instrumental in helping us identify new Core Values, as well as conducting Leadership Training with our team. I cannot recommend him highly enough!



Vicki Niedermayer

Chief Executive Officer, Helping Restore Ability

Empower Your Company with Strategic Planning

HR Catalyst partners with you to establish a strategic HR plan to guide and grow your business into the future. Defining the goals enables you to achieve them, building a long-term competitive advantage.

We customize the agenda for your strategic planning session to fit your needs. Depending on your needs, it can vary from a half-day to several days.

We facilitate your strategic planning session to meet your objectives and success outcomes. As a third party, we bring no bias to the session.

We hold you accountable for the session’s action items and work with you to achieve your goals.

Focused, well-run businesses conduct annual strategic planning sessions to focus on the company’s long-term direction. But many small-to- mid-sized company executives focus only on day-to-day operations and neglect long-term planning.

The four proven benefits of strategic planning are:

  • Look at outside economic/competitive forces impacting your business
  • Establish and formalize company direction
  • Make smart, informed capital expenditure and people decisions
  • Gain a leadership roadmap to align functional activities to achieve business success

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