Talent Management Strategy

Talent management consulting includes a range of processes to improve business performance by optimizing employee talent from hire to when employees departs from the company.

Business Performance Depends on Optimizing of Employee Talent.

  • Do you have high employee turnover and are unsure how to slow it down?
  • Are your employees frustrated due to a lack of career growth opportunities?
  • Did you know a single bad hire can cost your business thousands of dollars?
  • Are you currently developing your employees to drive business growth?

What Is Talent Management?

Talent management is a critical business strategy for the smooth running of SMBs. It helps build an employer brand that attracts new talent, making recruitment much easier. Successful talent management also engages in employee development and reduces position turnover.

Hiring Top Talent

Focusing your hiring efforts around your core values improves the likelihood of hiring high-performing and engaged employees. HR Catalyst can help you turn your core values into an effective form of job interviewing. Our proven recruiting strategies help identify, screen, and interview potential candidates. Additionally, we equip managers to more effectively identify and hire talent that will be an excellent cultural fit for your organization.

Retaining Talent

HR Catalyst recognizes the problems SMBs have holding onto top employees. Part of our talent management approach is to improve your long-term employee engagement.

Our recruiting strategies provide turn-key onboarding for your new hires and company culture development that will attract the best talent and help them stay engaged and retained.

Developing Talent

Your talent’s employee journey could be six months or over 20 years. HR Catalyst’s talent development process helps you and your employee discover and define a roadmap for their employee journey.

Talent development is investing in your top talent to retain and promote them into positions where they will be the most beneficial for your business. 

We have been working with Mark and his team at HR Catalyst for almost a year, and the experience has been great.  They have been a tremendous resource in our recruiting efforts and in helping us to get some foundational HR building blocks in place. We do not need a full-time Strategic HR professional, so the fractional relationship we have with HR Catalyst is perfect for where we are as a business.

Jonathan Berry

Vice President, J.Berry Nursery & Genetics

Employees make up 50-75% of the overall cost structure in your company. We can help you retain and optimize your employee investment. We make it easy to work with us. Here’s how we help you leverage employee talent to drive business success:

You Talk – We Listen

We evaluate your business goals and talent needs based on your input.

We Customize Your Plan

We customize a talent management strategy to meet the needs of your business based on the gaps that exist and the goals you have.

Your Plan in Action

We then help you implement the proper strategy to optimize employee talent and meet company goals.

Why Is Talent Management Important?

The purpose of talent management is to recruit, develop and retain the people who drive the success of your business. It involves the overall life cycle of an employee and includes the following:

  • Identifying organizational growth goals and talent needs
  • Talent Acquisition (hiring) and Retention
  • Performance Management
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation
  • Succession Planning


Are You Managing Your Employee Talent Effectively?

Here are the benefits:

  • Recruitment is more proactive
  • Hiring and On Boarding are more effective
  • Company culture is preserved and defended
  • Your team is better aligned on your business goals
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Creates meaningful career paths for employees
  • Retains and engages Top Talent

We consulted HR Catalyst regarding the new COVID-19 regulations and appreciated getting timely external HR perspectives from highly experienced advisors. This was instrumental in aiding our leadership to better understand the implications of the new regulations, and clarified legal and operational obligations in taking care of our employees, customers, and business. They provided additional context and several valuable external resources as the pandemic unfolded. We expect to tap their expertise further as the year progresses.

Mark Richards

President, Woodlake Outdoor, Inc.

Are you ready to optimize employee talent to drive business success?

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