HR Starter Kit

Are you a new or small company struggling to keep up with the people side of your business?

The Hidden Cost of Small Business HR Mistakes

HR mistakes can cost SMBs both time and money. These unintentional missteps arise when small business owners and management teams unknowingly stray from HR laws and best practices.

The ten oversights here are some of the most commonplace small business HR mistakes.

  1. Having a poor or inconsistent hiring/selection process
  2. Missing, vague or outdated job descriptions
  3. Lack of training and development for people managers
  4. Not having a formal performance review process for managers to review employees
  5. No employee onboarding process for new hires
  6. Lacking an employee handbook that’s legally compliant and updated
  7. Lacking a formal disciplinary process for low performing employees
  8. No exit interview process for exiting employees
  9. Inconsistent filing system for employee files
  10.  Not using a consistent offer letter template for new employees

How the HR Starter Kit Works

New businesses can get overwhelmed when they lack the basic HR processes to run and grow the company.

Having the proper HR processes saves you time and helps avoid costly mistakes. You can then get back to running your business.

Our HR Starter Kit gives you the basic forms you need, along with explanations for using them to get you off to a great start.

Choose the HR Starter Kit that best fits your company’s needs.


  • Application for Employment
  • Hiring Policy Process/Procedures
  • Phone Interview Question Guide
  • In Person Interview Question Guide
  • Exempt/Salaried Offer Letter
  • Non-Exempt/Hourly Offer Letter
  • Employee Evaluation Template


  • Includes all Basic templates plus the following

  • Job Posting Sample

  • Job Description Sample
  • Job Application
  • Application for Employment
  • Hiring Policy Process/Procedures
  • Phone Screen Template
  • Phone Interview Question Guide
  • In Person Interview Question Guide
  • Background Check Authorization Form
  • Reference Check Template
  • Exempt/Salaried Offer Letter
  • Non-Exempt/Hourly Offer Letter
  • Employee Evaluation Template
  • I-9 Government issued form
  • Employee Onboarding Checklist


  • Includes all Essential templates plus the following
  • Verbal Warning
  • Written Warning
  • Employee Disciplinary Forms
  • Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • Annual/Semi-Annual Review
  • Exit Interview Questions
  • Employee Exit Steps
  • Termination Checklist
  • 90 Day Employee On-Boarding Process & booklet
  • Applicant Skills Matrix
  • Compensation Plan Letter
  • Personnel Requisition Form
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Summary
  • FCRA Authorization
**These are generic HR tools/templates. Depending on the state your employees work in, you may need to adjust these for state specific laws or regulations.

Not Sure the HR Starter Kit Is What You Need?



Do You Have a Legally Compliant Employee Handbook?

Creating an employee handbook and making sure it is legally compliant can seem daunting, but we are here to help. We customize legally compliant employee handbooks and state-specific laws.

Reasons You Need an Employee Handbook:

  • Provides employees with a consistent set of policies and procedures
  • Sets forth workplace behaviors expected from employees
  • Helps protect your business from unemployment claims and lawsuits
  • Ensure consistent treatment of employees
  • Provides insights for new hires to understand company mission and values

We Help Companies Like Yours Move to the Next Level

You don't need to feel constantly frustrated with your HR issues or waste time, money, and energy trying to do it all yourself. Work with us instead to get past those hurdles and move forward growing your business.