Who We Are

Our Purpose

We partner with our clients to create and implement strategies that optimize employee performance, improve company culture and increase profitability by serving as a trusted advisor and your part-time human resources leader.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity – ensuring that the client is always getting the right information, and ensuring there is full transparency in all of our interactions
  2. Collaboration – creating the highest level of partnership between us and you, the client
  3. Business advisors – we are business executives and work through business challenges, not just HR problems
  4. Customer Focused – making sure that the client is the focal point of everything we do
  5. Leadership – we don’t sell you a product we solve your business problems
  6. Results Oriented – we get our hands dirty, we don’t just tell you how to do it like some consultants, we implement the strategy and solve issues with you
  7. Servant Leadership – It’s not about us, our goal to is make your business more successful

What’s Our Approach?

Our consulting approach is built around our core values. We are collaborative, innovative, customer focused and engaging with our clients. No two companies are the same and we recognize that in our approach. We do not offer cookie cutter solutions.

  1. We start the process by doing a needs assessment of your company.  This approach is simple and powerful.
  2. We talk with several leaders in your company about their business and HR processes.
  3. The results are then consolidated and shared with the business owner or CEO.
  4. We add our insights on what we heard from the interviews to come up with a detailed list of recommended actions for your consideration.

You can then decide what you would like to make your key initiatives or projects.  A major difference with HR Catalyst is that we are implementers.  We not only tell you how to make changes in your business, we help you make them by working hand in hand with you.

What About Our Associates?

Our team is set up with a small group of Senior Principal consultants who all have extensive corporate backgrounds, typically 25+ years in Fortune 500 and Middle market companies. Our Sr. Principals have all been the Chief HR Officer (CHRO) or HR leader for several companies. Each Sr. Principal has also seen various business cycles from high growth, to major restructuring. We also have experience going through mergers and acquisitions and have handled due diligence and post-merger integration as part of the process. We are not professional consultants, we are seasoned business leaders, who have sat on the leadership team, and reported to the business owner or CEO at numerous companies.

We also have a group of Sr. Consultants who have at least 10 years of HR experience in Fortune 500 and start-up organizations. They work with our clients and offer project support to our Sr. Principals so that we can offer the right service at the right time to our clients. We are nimble and focused on your specific needs at all times.

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