HR Catalyst is a group of highly-experienced HR leaders and business executives. More than professional consultants, we are business leaders who grew up in SMBs and Fortune 500 companies with the same challenges you face. We partner with clients to create and implement strategies that optimize employee performance and improve talent retention. Our approach to HR Consulting develops company culture and increases profitability by serving as a trusted advisor and your part-time human resources leader.

When we partnered with HR Catalyst Consulting, we were a 200+ employee organization without a human resources department. Mark worked directly with our executive team to devise an HR strategy and road map to build an internal HR function from the ground up. Throughout implementation, Mark has been an invaluable resource to leadership and has helped us hire two full time employees within our HR department to handle all of our HR needs. Although we are now fully self-sufficient, Mark continues to be a valuable resource to our management team as complex HR related issues arise. I would highly recommend Mark to any organization going through a similar transition and would be more than happy to provide a reference for any company that is considering working with HR Catalyst Consulting.



Pierce Autry

Chief Financial Officer, Hollman, Inc.

What Makes Us Different from Other
HR Consulting Firms?

Our people and unique approach to HR processes make us stand out. We execute successful strategies to safeguard employee lifecycles and enhance workplace experiences. We are more than a boutique human resources firm. We are seasoned business leaders with extensive corporate backgrounds and decades of experience working in Fortune 500 and middle-market companies.

Our HR team consists of a small group of Senior Principals who served as Chief HR Officers (CHRO) or top HR leaders reporting to CEOs and business owners. We possess the experience you need to solve all your HR-related challenges. We are implementers. We not only advise you on how to make changes in your business; we help to execute them by working hand in hand with you to implement the proven solutions we offer.

Systematic HR Consulting Approaches that Produce Successful Outcomes

We designed our consulting approach to make it easy for companies to partner with us. Our consulting process is collaborative, innovative, customer-focused, and engaging. Needs differ between businesses, which is why we customize our services to fit your needs, challenges, and changes you are going through while preserving your company’s core values.

HR Catalyst is a great partner that has embraced our Core Values and seamlessly integrated with our team. Their assistance with process improvement, legal compliance, leadership training, and compensation market analysis all benefit our team and customers.


Paul Treangen

Chief Executive Officer, TNW Corporation

We Tailor Our Human Resources Solutions To Meet The Specific Needs Of Your Organization.

We meet with your company leaders to gather insight about your business and HR processes. Then, we provide
a simple and powerful needs assessment of your company.

We consolidate the assessment results, then apply our insights and expertise to present recommendations to the CEO or business owner for consideration.

You decide which areas need to be your key initiatives or projects. We then work alongside you to see the process through from start to finish.

The 6 HR Catalyst Core Values


Ensure you always gets the correct information and complete transparency in all our interactions.


Create the highest level of
partnership between us.

Customer Focused

Ensure you always gets the correct information and complete transparency in all our interactions.


We don’t sell one-size-fits-all products; we solve your business problems


We work directly with you to turn strategies into processes and resolve issues.

Servant Leadership

It’s about you. Our goal is to make your business more successful.

HR Catalyst and Mark Mitford play an important role in the growth of our company. They helped us create our Core Values, serve as a recruiter for new employees, review important HR documents, and are there any time we pick up the phone with a question. They have helped our small company provide services & opportunities of a much larger company – we can’t recommend or thank them enough!

Dustin & Molly Hunter

Owners, Hunter Trim & Cabinets, Inc.

We Help Companies Like Yours Move to the Next Level

You don't need to feel constantly frustrated with your HR issues or waste time, money, and energy trying to do it all yourself. Work with us instead to get past those hurdles and move forward growing your business.